How To Style Your Bed

Is your bed your favorite part of your home? Us too! Since we spend so much time in and around our beds, it is important to make them comfy,

cozy, and look as wonderful as they make us feel. 

Here are our designers best tips for styling your bed

Quilts, Blankets, and Throws.

Quilts, Blankets, and throws can make any bed look great when paired with the right sheets, pillows, and configuration.

We recommend starting with a solid color sheet set that will be the base undertone for the entire bed. Then you will want to choose a two-blanket combination for your beddings overall design choice. You want one blanket that is fluffy and one more decorative to lay over it. Make sure that any blanket or quilt you use is large enough to hang off both sides of the bed. Choose a top quilt or blanket that is pretty on both sides. This allows you to fold it over (with or without the sheet) past the back pillows to expose the sheets and create a warm feel that invites you in.


This gorgeous fold-over design will be accented at the head of the bed by decorative pillows. Start with 4 back pillows in the center that DO NOT extend over the edges of the bed. Using pillows that are of different shapes, colors, and textures help to create an interesting and deep layering effect. We love working with an odd number of accent pillows. By having one lumbar pillow in the center at the front, it helps to pull focus right where you want it. This gives you a simple, yet full display.

Accent Throw Blanket

You can finish your look off with an accent throw blanket if you like that can be folded neatly at the end of the bed or draped over one corner for a more casual look. In the end, your bed should be visually divided into three sections. The top being the pillows and exposed sheet. The middle section is the contrasting quilt pulled back. The bottom section is the accent throw to pull it all together.

That's it! You now have the secrets to create a perfect bed like you see in magazines!

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