How to Incorporate 2021 Colors of the Year Into Your Home

Updated: Jan 23

Recently, on December 9th, 2020, Pantone announced its 2021 colors of the year--Ultimate Gray and Illuminating.

Incorporating color into your home can definitely be scary at first, but by gradually adding in pops of color through various items of décor and accessories, your home can instantly feel brand new!


Changing out bedding can easily be an inexpensive way to refresh your bedroom and add in the trendy colors, without fully committing. Our Bassett Grey Bedding Set is the perfect way to add in the 2021 colors to your home at an inexpensive price! It incorporates both the illuminating yellow and the traditional gray color scheme beautifully.


Another easy way to freshen up your home, while bringing in the 2021 colors, is to add in new art. Remember when decorating and adding new pieces into your home, it is always easier to start large and work your way down.

This framed art set would be perfect to add to a small space in your home, such as a bedroom, bathroom, or reading nook. It provides both the pop of color of yellow while incorporating gray in with the frame and painting.

We love showcasing our new artwork in our stores. Come visit us today to browse our extensive collection of prints and paintings.


Adding in new décor throughout your home can be a very effective way to bring in different colors and styles, without breaking the bank. An easy place to start with adding new décor is to freshen up the florals in your home, whether that be with real or faux flowers. At each of our stores, we have custom florals available for purchase in a variety of colors and styles!