How to Follow Fabric Cleaning Codes

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Buying a customer sectional or sofa is an exciting and rewarding purchase. We want to do everything we can to help you keep your new sofa or sectionals in the best condition possible.

We have compiled a list of common sofa cleaning codes to help you decipher them and understand the best way to keep your sofa or sectional looking great.


This code simply means you will want to use a water-based cleaning agent. You can use a combination of water and mild detergent or even a non-solvent shampoo designed specifically for upholstery. When mixing the cleaning solution, use as little of the detergent or shampoo as possible so that it doesn’t foam up too much. You will want to get a soft or microfiber cloth damp with the cleaning solution and dab it on to the dirty spot making sure not to get the fabric of the sofa or sectional too wet. If the sofa or sectional is too wet, use a dry cloth to blot out as much liquid as possible so that it does not gather more dirt or even begin to grow the scent of mildew.


This means that you will want to use a solvent-based cleaner. You can purchase a water-free dry-cleaning solvent to clean the sectional or sofa. Only use as much as is needed to clean the upholstery and do so I a very well-ventilated area. Follow the directions listed in the dry-cleaning solvent package to prevent any damage to the upholstery.


WS codes mean you can use it with a water-based or solvent cleaner. It gives you the freedom to choose which to use so that you can better tackle the stain. We recommend starting with a water-based cleaning agent (water mixing with a mild detergent, see code W for more information) and then if the stain is still prominent after the spot has dried completely, to try using a solvent-based upholstery shampoo (see code S for more information).


This code means you should never attempt to clean the stain yourself, to hire a professional cleaner. This does not mean however that you do not do regular maintenance such as vacuuming the sofa or sectional or brushing off any dirt or grime that accumulates on the upholstery.

*Many sofas and sectionals come with cushions that have a zipper seam. This does not mean they can be removed and washed in the washing machine. They are designed this way to allow the cushion to fit properly inside the fabric. The fabric may be damaged in the washing machine and due to the type of material inside the cushion, the cover may not be able to be placed back on after it has been removed. Please only clean the cushion in the same way that you would the rest of the sofa or sectional.