How To Choose A Rug Size

Adding a rug to your home can give it the finished look your home deserves but choosing the wrong rug size can make it feel awkward. We are here to help you feel comfortable and confident in knowing how to choose a rug size that fits your home.

Rugs are a great addition to your home as they can create a barrier to help your eyes distinguish between rooms, can protect your floors, and provide a comfortable place to rest your feet.

Living Room

When choosing a rug for your living room you have a few different options. Some people want a rug to place only under their coffee table to add a touch of elegance while others want it to be all-encompassing and extend past their living room furniture.

For those of you looking to add a rug under your coffee table only, you will want to measure the length of your coffee table and add about 1-2 feet. This will ensure the rug spans the length of the coffee table and provides a nice clean look on both sides. For the width size of the rug, you’ll want to figure out if the look you are going for is one where the rug does not extend to the sofa or if you want the front feet of the sofa on the rug. These two measurements will give you the dimensions of the rug you are looking for.

If you want the all-encompassing look, the rug must extend at least 1 foot on each side past your sofa so that it does not feel cut off or out of place. Measure the width size of your sofa and add about 2 feet to know how long of a rug you will need. From here you can measure from just behind your sofa to about 6-12 inches past where your seating area ends. This will ensure all the legs of your living room furniture will be on the rug, protecting the floor, and that nothing will feel out of place.

Dining Room

Choosing a rug for your dining room is going to have more factors than that of a living room since the chairs will be in a near-constant state of motion upon the rug. This means the rug that you choose for your dining room will want to be a short-pile or eve a flat weave material. This will allow the chairs to move freely without pulling on the fibers that would be extended with other types of rugs.

For the size of your dining room rug, it is best to purchase a rug that extends past the clearance of where your chairs pull out to ensure the legs do not catch on the edge of the rug when you go to move your chair back in. First set your dining room table up with the chairs in a fully extended position that would allow you or your guest to be seated. From here, measure the full length from one end chair back to the other and add about 1-2 feet assuming your home allows for that much extension. Do the same for the width of the table, from one chair to the other chair. This will give you the correct size and dimensions you are looking for, for your dining room rug.


When it comes to choosing a bedroom rug, the sizing preference varies as much as the bedroom style itself. Some people are looking for a rug that extends the length of the bed, and the width from one bedside table to the other bedside table on both sides. Others will smaller bedrooms are happy having a runner on each side of the bed to give it an elegant feel without a full-size rug overshadowing the rest of the room. For the sizing here, simply determine how far across the room you would like to see the rug (width and length) and we will help you find the size closes to what you are looking for.

*The most common request is for the rug to run from just past the foot of the bed and extend up to just before the bedside tables.

If you have any questions, please feel free to come in and chat with us. We love helping our customers choose the right option to make their house feel like home.

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