How Do I Clean My Rug?

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

We love our beautiful and unique rugs and want to help you keep them in the best possible condition!

The most asked question we hear? “How do I clean my rug?”

Here, we’ve compiled the base care instructions for every rug and we have additional information for each specific type of rug linked here.


The initial care for cleaning your rug is very simple: place the rug on a pad specific to the type of flooring you will have the rug on (I.E. hardwood flooring, carpet, tile, etc.). This will protect your floor as well as extend the life of your rug.


Make sure to vacuum both sides of your rug, top and bottom, on a weekly basis (or daily if you prefer). It is natural for our homemade rugs to shed their excess fibers so you want to keep them clean! Refrain from using a beater bar vacuum as that will pull on the fibers. To extend the life of your rug, place your vacuum head on the highest setting off the ground so that it is not pulling on the fibers.


Make sure to blot, not rub, anything that spills on the rug immediately to reduce the chance of stains. It’s okay to use a dry-cleaning fluid or a mixture of 1 Tsp. mild laundry detergent (such as Woolite), and 1 Tsp. of white vinegar mixed in 1 Quart of warm (not hot) water. Mix well and blot on the stain until it is removed. You may use a vacuum designed for liquids to remove the excess liquid once the stain is gone and then vacuum as normal.

For water or flood damage, make sure to blot and soak out as much water as possible! The rug will need to be laid down flat then dried using either a fan or hairdryer on the lowest temperate setting. Once dry, vacuum as usual.

If these options don’t do the job, professional cleaning may be your best option!


Always remember to rotate your rug every year to ensure even wear patterns and check to see if the pad underneath is worn down and needs replacing. We recommend having your rug professionally cleaned once every 3-5 years to bring back its vibrance. We DO NOT recommend using any hot water extraction methods or machines.