5 Interior Design Trends Leaving 2020

Delicate Fabrics

Hard to manage fabrics are becoming less and less desirable for the upcoming year. Fabrics such as silk, cotton, and linen can be not only hard to maintain and clean but are becoming quickly outdated. As comfortable living spaces are becoming the new norm, performance fabrics are quickly making their debut.

Industrial Design

Industrial design is an aesthetic trend that was popular in the 2010s, but as we turn a corner into the new decade, it is on it's way out. Industrial home design can tend to be more of the cooler tones--gray, black, and white--with minimal pops of color. Homes are now much more inviting with a cozy, warm feel.

Formal Spaces

Separating formal dining and sitting rooms is on its way out. Why waste square footage on a few rooms that only get used once, or maybe twice a year? Going along with having a more warm and inviting home, open floor plans are becoming the new conventional design. Open floor plans allow your home to have better traffic flow, provide for a multifunctional space, and can make your home feel larger.

All Gray Home

Having an all gray home is what was most memorable about the most recent years of interior design. Due to its neutral and sophisticated tone, it quickly became everyone's favorite. Although it can still be incorporated into the newest trends, homes that focus solely on gray tones can easily become boring and dull. By integrating other neutral tones and adding in small pops of color--in bedding, walls, décor, etc...--you can still keep your gray statement pieces without it feeling monotone.

"Fast Furniture"

What exactly is fast furniture? Fast furniture is the same concept as fast fashion where it is made for the season or on-trend; meaning, it is not made to last a very long time. The reason why this type of furniture is on the outs is due to its poor quality. After just a few short months or a year (if you're lucky), you will end up tossing your semi-expensive, trendy piece of furniture for something else. With the new year coming, a great way to reinvent your home is to buy staple, high-quality pieces of furniture that will last you a lifetime. Look for items that are made out of solid wood, that is easy to clean, and have great warranties.

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