Frequently Asked Questions

How much is in-home design?


We offer our In-Home consultation for Free. Design Fees are priced as follows


    1 room $199
    2 rooms $350
    3 or more $125 each

Are there contracts or obligations?


   No! We move forward with the design process only after the initial consultation is complete.

Is the designer able to give suggestions with paint colors and flooring?


   The designers can give you suggestions on anything in your home to make the space perfect!

What is the return policy on the service or product purchased?


   The design fee is non-refundable, but if you get a piece in your home and aren't satisfied with it, you can almost always return it for in-store credit. There are some exceptions to this, but your designer will confirm at the time of purchase to ensure you're satisfied!

Schedule Your In-Home Consultation

Beth was so helpful during the process. She was able to see exactly what I had in mind! She helped guide me through the process since I hadn’t had experience with a designer before. Highly recommend!!!

           - Laura

The whole thing was incredibly easy! Allison has great taste and showed me how to make my style look good in my home. Thank you so much for helping me. The furniture is great and the look is amazing.         

                  - Kimberly