Is this your first time hiring an interior designer? Don't worry!

We make it easy and lay it all out so you know what to expect during the process.

Our system caters to first-timers and our clients love to come back to style the rest of their home once they learn how easy it is! 


Check out our step-by-step guide below to see if this is the best fit for you!

Book Your Consultation

Booking your consultation is the first (and biggest) step of the whole process! It's the moment you decide to make the space of your dreams! It's the moment you decide to give your home the best - it deserves that!

No contract, no obligation! 

Beth was so helpful during the process, she was able to see exactly what I had in mind! She helped guide me through the process since I hadn’t had experience with a designer before. Highly recommend!!

           -A Happy Client

In-Home Consult

On our first visit to your home, an experienced designer will come to your home for a 1:1 appointment from the comfort of your own home!

She'll learn your style, your space, and all of your goals with your space! She'll take measurements and give you ideas on the very first visit to see what you like and don't like. 


It's only $49 for the first consult and, for a limited time, only $150 for each room design

We always wear masks and follow all the guidelines to ensure safety and cleanliness.


Design Board

Our designers will search through our dozens of manufactures to find you exactly what you're looking for to help you create the perfect room. They'll present you with a design board (or a couple!) to ensure you love the look for your space! It's a design board tailored for you and your home specifically!

Finished Room

Finally, once you agree on the design board and sign off on every element, the designers will order the pieces for you! They'll be delivered to your home and installed for a small fee so you can have your own home make over reveal! No need to unbox or move a single thing - we'll do it all!

That's it! You'll get the room (or home) of your dreams and live happily ever after!

Have one of our designers discuss in-home design with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours does it typically take? 

     Most rooms take between 3-5 hours of design time and the designer will give you an estimate on time during the first consult!

Are there contracts or obligations?

      Absolutely not, there are no purchase requirements! We move forward with the design process once the initial consultation is done. The limited-time price is $150 for a full room design.

Is the designer able to give suggestions with paint colors and flooring?

     100% yes! They love doing this! Even though that's not a service we offer, the designers can give you suggestions on anything in your home to make the space perfect!

What is the return policy on the service or product purchased?

     The design hourly fee is non-refundable, but if you get a piece in your home and aren't satisfied with it, you can almost always return it for in-store credit. There are some exceptions to this but your designer will confirm at the time of purchase to ensure you're completely satisfied with your purchase!