Meet a Utah Designer

We’re so excited to introduce you to our designer, Hevynn Bolen. She’s so full of life and is the perfect addition to our team. 

You can find Hevynn Bolen where functionality and beauty meet. Early on in her career, Hevynn fused her interest in architecture and love of design by flipping residential properties. After years of flipping real estate and dabbling in commercial design projects, she's honed her skill set for residential interior design in order to create a well-rounded, effortless experience for clients in their process of achieving their dream spaces.

Hevynn works hard to collaborate with her clients to ensure that the finished space is unique, re-energizing and inspirational. 


Hevynn's passion for design is unmatched but music and time in/around the ocean are close contenders!

She cannot wait to work with Utah locals and make their home as beautiful as she’s made her own. If you hire Hevynn, you will not be disappointed. To schedule, fill out the form below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours does it typically take? 

     Most rooms take between 3-5 hours of design time and the designer will give you an estimate on time during the first consult!

Are there contracts or obligations?

     Absolutely not! We move forward with the design process once the initial consultation is done. The limited time price is $150 for a full room design.


Is the designer able to give suggestions with paint colors and flooring?

     100% yes! They love doing this! Even though that's not a service we offer, the designers can give you suggestions on anything in your home to make the space perfect!

What is the return policy on the service or product purchased?

     The design hourly fee is non-refundable, but if you get a piece in your home and aren't satisfied with it, you can almost always return it for in-store credit. There are some exceptions to this but your designer will confirm at the time of purchase to ensure you're completely satisfied with your purchase!